Small Long Bean

Have you heard about small long bean? This variety is similar to normal long been than we have seen at the market. The only different is, this type of long bean not using the support to grow. Its is offspring of cross-breed from cow pea and long bean (normal). Myself also first time use to plant this type of long bean and I plan to get more seed for upcoming phase. The picture above is the close up of small long bean that I plant at the garden. This time I try to plant only about 45 seeds.

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Irrigation System Installation

New garden has been lay up with Piping system (drip tape) since we start planting the cucumber last 2 months ago using direct utility water. This week we had installed pump and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for water and fertilizer storage for main pipeline to the ridge. This is full automatic system controlled by digital timer. We use utility water and ground water as a incoming water. The capacity for pump is 1 HP with maximum flow-rate can run optimum to 120 L/min.

The digital switch timer has been used to control the volume of water dosage to the plants and also the sequence and time.

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