Production Period of Hybrid F1 568 Chilly

As what I said last few weeks, we might be harvest our chilly in the end of March 2010. Now, all the chillies fruiting the green chilly fruits and will turn to red when its time to harvest. Normally we did not harvest the green chilly because the price of green chilly cheaper than red chilly except a special request from the buyers.

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The Tropica Grape Cultivation

Yesterday I met with my friend and we talk about our agriculture project that we had planned last year. I was shocked when he told me that he bring me the tropica grape baby plant which is I'm not sure from which variety. According to him, this type of variety will produce a sweet grapes fruits when its come to production stage. So now, I need to learn how to grow the grape in Malaysia weather which is I think still do not know about this type grape can grow in Malaysia. There are many type of variety grape that can be planted in Malaysia ie; Isabela, White Malaga, IAC, Muscat and etc.

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Chilly Update

The update about our chilly project at Sg. Telor, Kota Tinggi using conventional method. This is about 2 months old after transplant to the soil bed.

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Agro Malaysia Portal

Recently I'm very busy with current project (chilly project) at Sg. Telor and my expansion project building the 'Online Portal' for agriculture. The company was setup so called 'Agro Malaysia Portal' which we put it under our website domain name. The idea come out when I think its better to gather the crowd under one place. In this website you can found our recent activities, agriculture products, forum, all about agriculture was there. You can reach us by visit the website at

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Chilly Kulai F1 568

About 2000 chilly has been transplanted and can be divided into two plots. One plot is using drip tape irrigation water system, while another one is using straight dripper injected directly to the soil. Comparing with two system, we discover that using injector dripper direct to the soil is much better compared with using drip tape. 300 of chilly using this method and the rest of 1700 using drip tape.

For your information, we are using 4 mm micro tube and 3.2 mm dripper size that allow water flow smoothly through the tubing and goes to the soil. In the past experience, the 3 mm micro-tube gave us much problem such as blockage and need to service and maintain the tubing and piping all the time. More time consume when using 3 mm micro tube.

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Cross-Bred Long Bean

This is the latest long bean and cow pea cross-bred plant produced by MARDI.

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Latest Video of LA

Hi Folks,

I'm very busy with new farm and other external stuffs and unable to update in this blog. For your information, our activity now is planting the Kulai Chilly from variaty F1 Hybrid 568. This variety is most famous among dealers and farmers. Our chilly now is about 1 month age after transplant to the bed. We plant the chilly by using conventional method with fully automated support irrigation system.

Beside that, we plant the short long bean (cross-bred yard bean and cow pea) and also planting the haricot/french bean. About 300 seeds has been soil into the beds in the last 3 weeks ago.

Below are the video captured in Laman Agro farm.

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Small Long Bean

Have you heard about small long bean? This variety is similar to normal long been than we have seen at the market. The only different is, this type of long bean not using the support to grow. Its is offspring of cross-breed from cow pea and long bean (normal). Myself also first time use to plant this type of long bean and I plan to get more seed for upcoming phase. The picture above is the close up of small long bean that I plant at the garden. This time I try to plant only about 45 seeds.

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Irrigation System Installation

New garden has been lay up with Piping system (drip tape) since we start planting the cucumber last 2 months ago using direct utility water. This week we had installed pump and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for water and fertilizer storage for main pipeline to the ridge. This is full automatic system controlled by digital timer. We use utility water and ground water as a incoming water. The capacity for pump is 1 HP with maximum flow-rate can run optimum to 120 L/min.

The digital switch timer has been used to control the volume of water dosage to the plants and also the sequence and time.

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